Areas of UK Other Than London Still Surviving in the Tough Housing Market

Areas of UK Other Than London Still Surviving in the Tough Housing Market

A flat housing market is challenging to both buyers and sellers today.  The obstacles of strict mortgage lending combined with dropping home prices has made things difficult on several regions of the UK.  While many believe that London is the only area of the UK with promise within the market, recent data regarding the strength of other regions is disputing the fact.

Nigel Lewis, an analyst with, discussed the success of other areas of the UK, saying: "There are many reasons why some postcodes feature a bustling property market. This can include being underpriced compared with neighbouring areas, which is true in Chorley in Lancashire; attracting people escaping London for a quieter life, for example in Brighton; and economic success in the face of the recession, as with parts of Essex.”

Brighton and Hove have seen numerous transactions in the latest FindaProperty list of most active postcodes.  More than 1,500 transactions have taken place, compared with the average 291 per postcode over the entire UK.

The seaside resort city of Brighton started the recession in the gutter, but has bounced back with might.  Home prices have also come back strong as the January reported average for the area was 220,550 pounds, compared to 215,747 pounds twelve months before.

Chelmsford has remained strong with 1,120 transactions, boasting easy access to London.  Leicester is surviving from its makeover of the old city centre.  The university keeps its buy to let market going strong.

Salford and the surrounding areas have benefitted from the proximity to Manchester to survive in the struggling market, followed by the belief that many workers relocating to the new BBC offices will provide a boost in activity.

Nottingham is surviving off the presence of two universities.  The Queen’s Medical Centre being local doesn’t hurt things either.

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