Buy to Let Remortgage Forecast Strong for Remainder of Year

Buy to Let Remortgage Forecast Strong for Remainder of Year

Buy to let property owners have seen massive amounts of opportunity pop up as interest rates have remained low for many years. Owning property in this space has offered investment options not seen in many other sectors of the housing market. Remortgage has played a big part in the sector’s ability to provide income which has primarily improved with time. Although the new stamp duty has taken effect on those who own additional buy to let properties, there is still expected to be increased activity and competition in the months ahead.

The end of the year 2019 is expected to see more activity from the buy to let property market. Lenders will be happy to see the results of a recent online survey regarding remortgage by buy to let property owners.

Research online completed by Foundation BVA BDRC indicated a mass of buy to let property remortgage will be taking place in the following months.

More than 800 survey interviews returned with a common theme. Those owning more than 4 properties will likely remortgage in the span of the next twelve months.

More than half of the landlords indicated they would be remortgaging as individuals. Almost 20% indicated they would remortgage as a limited company, and 16% noted they would remortgage in a way which was beneficial based on the circumstances at that time.

A noted expert within the buy to let market reviewed the results and considers remortgage a mainstay which has created such a wealth of opportunity for so many years in the buy to let space.

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