Homeowners in Top School Areas Have a Choice to Make as to Stay or Sell

Homeowners in Top School Areas Have a Choice to Make as to Stay or Sell

Those in the housing market know that when it comes to investing in property location is the top priority. There is no difference when it comes to the personal investment families make into their first home or an upgrade. Location is key in making sure the home continues to build equity so that perhaps the home can become a nest egg for retirement.

A recent study from Lloyds Bank revealed unsurprisingly that homes near top performing schools had higher house prices than those not located in such an area. Families covet the opportunity to put their children into good schools and seeking to locate to such an area will put a high demand on a precise and low volume house market.

The UK housing market has been showing a sustaining house growth trend throughout 2015 which followed a strong growth boost in the last half of 2014. While many financial reports tell that the housing market in the UK has supply that is over-priced, there has been little sign of a natural correcting and instead prices are growing.

For those trying to climb onto the property ladder the increases are making it even harder to get a mortgage approval despite the competition for borrowers from lenders. That competition for borrowers may soon be ending and that will bring higher interest rates. Funding for lending is becoming more expensive and lenders will pass that on to consumers.

Homeowners have been showing stronger demand for remortgages and it is thought that the warnings of lenders pulling their cheapest interest rates could be the reason. While other factors are likely to be playing a part in the push for a deal, rising interest rates could be the top one.

For homeowners in top performing school areas, the choice of whether to stay and remortgage or sell and experience a nice gain from the strong buyer demand for such a property will be a hard choice. 

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