Housing Market Activity Slow yet Numerous Remortgage Opportunities Exist

Housing Market Activity Slow yet Numerous Remortgage Opportunities Exist

As the entirety of Brexit comes to a conclusion, there are many sectors of the UK economy which are on standby, especially the housing market. Many across the country are playing a game of wait and see to make major decisions regarding the sale or purchase of property. Days following Brexit are still quite uncertain, according to those close to the market. For those in search of a way to potentially save money and positively affect the bottom line of a household budget, remortgage could still be a true winner in the eyes of housing specialists.

From every angle, there is still great uncertainty looming within the housing market. This has led to stagnating house prices in many parts of the country. Property owners are sitting on their hands and there is empirical data to support it. However, there could still be big opportunity for property owners with remortgage, according to many experts.

In a recent Nationwide data release, house price growth has been below one percent for six months in a row. This piece of information alone is enough to push many to consider an option for the summer. That option for those in search of potential big savings each month is remortgage.

Interest rates are quite low and have been low for many months running. This is despite the fact of two rate increases which have occurred in the last twenty months.

Lenders are locked in a tight battle due to lower demand for mortgage lending of all types. This factor is beneficial for borrowers looking for a mortgage lending package which fits their needs.

The market might be currently idle in many ways, but there are numerous opportunities for those considering a remortgage.

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