How Quickly Will My Remortgage Money Be Released?

The short answer is it depends on your remortgage deal and your property.

When you take out a remortgage, you are basically getting a new mortgage on your property, using the funds from this to pay off your current mortgage and leaving you instead with the debt for the new one. There are several legal and administrative processes that must be undergone for this to be acceptable within UK law, and this necessarily takes time.

However, there are many lenders who manage to carry the process out quickly, and in some cases it can all be done within a matter of a few days. In most cases the necessary processes will be sorted well within a month, and it is only in cases where there is some unusual or unexpected complication that a remortgage would not be done within this time.

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There are a variety of legal procedures that are gone through by conveyancing solicitors when you obtain a mortgage, which is basically what you are doing when you remortgage your home.

Additionally, many lenders will require a formal valuation to be carried out on your home before they will proceed with the remortgage. The reason for this is that they want an accurate impression of the property’s value to both protect their interests and offer you an appropriate deal, knowing what percentage of the property’s value they are in fact lending you.


The lenders involved may naturally affect how long the remortgage process takes. If you’re sticking with the same lender for the remortgage it may be less complex and therefore less time consuming.

Many of the lenders who operate primarily online advertise fast turnaround times as one of their main selling points. However, be wary of jumping into a deal just because you’ll get hold of the money quicker, as this is something you may well regret. Make sure you take the time to shop around, to think carefully about any decisions, and only borrow from reputable lenders regardless of how fast they promise to give you your money.


If you need to get your hands on funds quickly, the chances are your finances are perhaps not in the best state. If this applies to you try not to rush into anything, as the last thing you need is to end up with the wrong remortgage deal and your financial situation worse than ever as a result. Using comparison tools and making the best use of available advice, you can get a good idea what the options are, as well as what the implications of these options are, within a pretty short space of time, so you needn’t panic.