Fixed Rate Remortgages

If you’re thinking about the possibility of remortgaging, you should be sure to understand both what range of deals are available and the details of any deals you’re considering.

One of the major factors in the attractiveness of a remortgage deal is the interest rate. A range of different remortgage packages are now available to suit the different needs of consumers, and fixed rate is one of the main types that you’ll see on offer.

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Do your Sums

Before taking a decision about whether to go ahead with a remortgage, you should take care to work out what the impact on your finances is likely to be. Online calculators are designed to help you do this, feeding in details such as the rate for the remortgage and giving you an idea both what your monthly payments will be and what the longer term situation will be for paying it off.

Fixed Rates

A fixed rate mortgage is one in which the interest rate is set at a fixed level, normally for a certain period of time. Our economy is always changeable, and obviously more so recently, so it can be extremely difficult to work out what your payments will actually be over time.

The Bank of England base rate is continually reviewed and altered by the state, which naturally affects rates in general, and can leave you feeling uncertain about what your bills are going to look like either in the near or distant future.

The advantage to having a fixed rate therefore is the security of knowing what your mortgage repayments will be, at least during the term of the fixed rate. If the rate is for a limited period, it will normally be for a few years, after which your mortgage payments will incur whatever the lender’s standard variable rate of interest is at that time.


Fixed rate remortgages are naturally appealing to people who keep a close check on their finances and like to know what their monthly bills will be, and that they can meet them of course.

Bear in Mind

If you’re either thinking of taking out a fixed rate remortgage or are coming to the end of your fixed rate period on your current mortgage, bear in mind that many mortgage deals enforce penalties for paying your mortgage off early. This means that if you do get a remortgage and pay off the current one, you need to account for fees and costs incurred because of this.

Also bear in mind that to get the best rates on fixed rate remortgages, you will need a good credit history. People who have missed payments or CCJ's may not get the best rate available from the lender. Companies like offer bad credit loans and more information for people who may have credit problems. We can help with any poor credit remortgages and get you the support you need after you have filled out our remortgage application form.

Overall Costs

The security offered by a fixed rate remortgage is naturally a great comfort to people, particularly with so many of us struggling to manage our outgoings at the moment. Knowing that changing interest rates are not going to affect your remortgage repayments during the fixed rate period can be a real advantage when managing debts and bills. However, for this reason, fixed rate mortgages can be more expensive than their variable rate counterparts, so make sure you compare any prospective deal with the alternatives before committing to anything.

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