Online Remortgages

There are an increasing number of remortgage providers who operate online today. Depending on the terms and details of your particular remortgage and property, the process may indeed be carried out online, in which case it can be a fast and painless process.

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In some cases, there may be parts of the process that cannot be carried out exclusively online, but this will depend on your own situation. For example, the remortgage lender may want to send someone out to assess and carry out a valuation on your property before the deal can go ahead.


If you are thinking about a remortgage, make sure you do whatever research you can online about the different options on the market. Remortgage comparison and remortgage calculator tools can help you to both work out what you want and work out what you don’t.

It definitely pays to make use of a remortgage calculator if you’re looking to remortgage, especially if you are carrying the process out online. If everything’s done online, you may find that you have less access to advice from professionals, as you would do in a traditional bank environment. For this reason, make sure you’ve done your research about how reputable the lender is, and that the remortgage details themselves suit you also.


Taking out a remortgage online can indeed be faster and more straightforward. However, you should be very wary of jumping into any agreements before you’ve familiarised yourself thoroughly with the implications.

Although many of them do indeed offer good deals, and in fact many are affiliated with some of the major banks, the one thing that you need to watch out for when shopping for a remortgage online is that the information may be less than clear. Make sure you’ve understood what’s involved before making any commitments, and bear in mind that if a company is deliberately trying to be unclear, you should probably steer clear of them.


The information on the Internet, great as it is, can’t replace the value of getting advice from an independent professional. If you’re in any doubt about what deals are best for you it can really be a wise move to use the services of an independent mortgage adviser or broker. This can remove you a little from the painstaking aspects of the remortgage process, but also give you the peace of mind from knowing that you’ve taken the decision with the right advice.

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