Finding the Best Remortgage Deals

If you're thinking about a remortgage on your property, you'll naturally want to make sure you get the best remortgage deals you possibly can. Whether your aim is to reduce your mortgage repayments or indeed the overall term of your mortgage, or if you're looking to get some funds for whatever reason, it goes without saying that you should think carefully before going ahead with any remortgage borrowing.

When you remortgage your home, you effectively pay off your current mortgage with the borrowing from a new mortgage, both secured on the same property. It's therefore imperative that you compare any potential remortgage deal with your current one to make sure it's worth making the change for.

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To secure the right deal, you should first consider what your reasons for remortgaging are. If you're hoping that a remortgage will give you either lower monthly payments or allow you to pay the mortgage off sooner, you should naturally make sure that this will actually be the case, before going ahead with it.

Shop Around

To make sure you get best deals available, you really need to shop around. There are many online tools that can help you to both find and compare mortgage and remortgage deals relatively easily. Additionally, resources such as remortgage calculators can help you to crystallise what the potential impact of a remortgage will be on your finances.


Using these available resources is definitely a wise move, not only to find the deal you're looking for, but to get a better idea of what the available options are. There are a lot of different types of remortgage packages now on the market, designed to suit the needs of different people, so you should check these out and make sure you get the best of any change you make.

If you're thinking of changing your mortgage because you are on a rate that is about to change, make sure you compare what the impact of the rate of your new mortgage deal will be both in the long and short term, bearing in mind that this new rate may also change at a later date.


When weighing up the merits of any potential remortgage deals, particularly if you're looking to raise funds, remember to take into account any fees that will be payable for ending your current mortgage deal, for example exit fees or legal costs. Similarly, your new mortgage may have associated costs, for example valuation fees. If your remortgage is with a different lender to your current mortgage, you are more likely to incur these costs, so it may be worth at least initially checking with your current provider to see what they can offer you.