Considerations of a Remortgage Which May Make You Think Twice

The decision to remortgage is one which is discussed many times over and with much scrutiny.  It is a big decision which will forever alter the monthly family budget and usually gives new life to the way the mortgage is looked upon.  Opportunities exist with every new deal a family looks at and considers.  There are a few things which are not to be overlooked. 

1)When most homeowners are looking into the possibility of a remortgage, they are considering how much they will save with a new interest rate.  This is a smart way to look at it.  Just make sure you have taken into account the cost to parachute out of your current mortgage loan product and jump into a new one.  There will certainly be fees associated with a new mortgage product, unless your current lender has stipulated a “no fee” approach to a remortgage on the property.  This is typically not the case.  Competition exists in the market to give you the homeowner a choice as to which lender you want to do business with.  The competition benefits the homeowner also by giving the borrower a negotiation tool.  Take advantage of that, but make sure of all the costs involved with obtaining a new product.


2)Is time on your side?  If your current mortgage will be paid off within a short amount of time, think twice about a remortgage.  Usually, a remortgage will add more time to the pay-off term.  This means more time for interest to accumulate.  Time is money.  Even if you end up with a smaller monthly payment, look at the overall savings you will benefit from.  There is a chance while paying a higher amount each month; you will end up saving a lot of interest pounds.  Check your math before committing to anything and then check it again.


3)It cannot be stressed enough to make sure the calculations are correct.  They can make the difference between elation and utter disappointment in the event of a bad financial decision.  A remortgage specialist will be happy to work the calculations and then rework them again, just to make sure you understand the pros and cons of the remortgage.  Many times a remortgage has been completed only for the homeowner to realize more benefits than what they thought before they went into the negotiation.  Final amounts of savings for or against a remortgage should be heavily weighed.  Again, a remortgage specialist will be more than willing to take any homeowner through the pros and cons of one of the most important decisions ever made.


4)Changing loan types during a remortgage is a major decision.  For example, if a homeowner is used to a fixed loan product, but then decides to go a bit riskier with a tracker loan product, beware of the difference.  It is a major switch, but could end up being much to a homeowner’s advantage.  Just understand the features and personalities of any loan product which is being considered.  It will certainly make the difference between a consistent monthly payment or one that is connected to the Bank of England base rate.  A remortgage specialist will be more than willing to answer any questions regarding any type of loan product under consideration.

As much as the benefits should attract the focus on a remortgage, beware of the pitfalls as well.  There will be fees involved and there will more than likely be more time added to the term of the loan, when deciding to go with a remortgage.  Stay close to the remortgage specialist for the best guidance available and a positive outcome will be the result.

Overall, a remortgage can lead to an entirely new financial life.  For many who took out their original loan and are still unhappy with the interest rate at the time, a remortgage needs to be considered.  For those who are suffering from a major amount of debt that needs to be repaid, a remortgage to free up extra cash should be considered.  Even for those who are looking to maybe purchase a new vehicle or that second home, a remortgage should be a consideration for you as well.  A remortgage is a tool which can benefit many different financial situations.  While it cannot benefit every situation, more often than not it leads to positive momentum in the family budget.  A remortgage specialist can open any homeowner’s eyes to the products which are available and are eager to speak with those who are considering it.

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