Can a Contractor Get a Remortgage

Contractors often have a difficult time in arranging a mortgage or remortgage. It is an industry known fact that there are often problems and delays when it comes to a contractor trying to move along a mortgage approval. The impact of waiting for weeks for an approval to only be denied can be a major setback and discouraging. What is needed is someone to look out for the benefit of the contractor that will have unique needs when compared to a different customer and you have come to the right broker.

We are very successful and well known for being the go to broker for contractors. Our experience has led us to fully understand how to keep the process moving, where to submit a contractor’s mortgage application, and how to properly complete and package the application to better achieve an approval for a mortgage or remortgage. Our specialty is working for you to find the best lender for your needs and work with the underwriters on your behalf to deliver a loan so that you aren’t held ransom due to the minor details that can blog down the process for a contractor. We handle that for you so you can get back to work. is authorized by the Financial Services Authority to provide top services to our clients. We can offer you educated and professional advice as to what your unique situation requires. We can also offer you full service afterwards which means we can search among suitable mortgage lenders for products that will serve your unique needs. Because we don’t work for a lender, but instead work along side numerous lenders we are always aware of the product deals on the market. In addition we are familiar with how to approach a lender with your financial information to avoid the typical problems that arise with a contractor’s application. We will approach lenders that are willing to work favorably with us on your behalf. This is especially important for new to business contractors that would otherwise be forced to wait for years to obtain employment information.

In addition, we can help you avoid those contract clauses that would hold you to higher fees and additional charges that come with extended loyalty clauses or for those that are new contractors. In general, we can help you look for those hidden costs that come with some packaged deals and assist you in avoiding them.

With all of this expertise and extra effort you can also be assured that you will be treated with professionalism and as a valued customer. Your experience with your remortgage broker will get the same, if not more personal attention, that you would expect from a major lender. This is a normal part of our service and there is no extra cost to you for this personalized service.

Be assured that we are the brokers that can assist you with your specialized mortgage needs as a contractor. We will help you find the mortgage or remortgage loan that will best suit your needs and from a lender that understands them.