Equity Release

Equity release plans allow people 56 years of age and older to release some of the cash which is tied up in their homes.


Advantages of equity release include being able to use the money for anything, maybe things that were once not affordable. Home improvements, a dream holiday or maybe even a new car are other things that could be purchased with the money.

Rather than leaving relatives a house, which is paid for, the money could be used to help a family member which may have not been possible at one time. Others simply use it to give themselves a better quality of life.


Releasing funds which would have remained in the property will reduce the amount of money within the estate, therefor leaving less for their children or other benficiaries.

These plans should be carefully considered, because many people want to pass their homes onto heirs.

It is important to understand that by making additional funds available through equity release an individual’s entitlement to state benefits could be affected. Therefore anyone receiving benefits above just state pension needs to seek professional advice and make sure this is the best option for them.