What is the Government Land Registry?

The Government Land Registry exists for the benefit of land owners and most come into contact with the registry when they mortgage or remortgage a property.

Registered land is better protected for encroachment and management is easier in a long term sense. It is easier to manage the property in the long run because registration enables owners to identify the land they own and have their records computerized.

Also, registering land simplifies the process of attaching a title to it. The consolidation and storage of relevant information makes this possible.

The fee for registering land ranges from 30 pounds for land valued up to 50,000 pounds and 525 pounds for land valued at over 1 million pounds.

The Land Registry initially opened in 1862. It has had a long history of revisions within the agency. It is a successful governmental department today and is still serving its original purpose; to benefit the land owner.