Obtaining a Remortgage with Bad Credit


A remortgage is a wise financial decision when looking for a way to correct bad credit and start moving in the right direction.  The difficult part is finding a lender to take a chance and provide a new mortgage loan when you have demonstrated that you are a high risk borrower.  Things which will make you appear as a high risk borrower are: multiple occurrences of late payments, a low credit score and a home valuation coming back extremely low compared with the market norm for that area.

A remortgage broker is the best type of specialist to deal with in a bad credit situation.  They have significant amounts of experience dealing with bad credit, so they will be able to lead you through the process without missing a step.  Since brokers have so much knowledge about bad credit situations, they will be able to put you in direct contact with lenders who have the best deals to offer.  Every home remortgage situation is different.  Therefore, allow a remortgage broker specialist to assist you through what will be a more stress free process instead of going straight to a lender.

The unique part about approaching someone about a remortgage with bad credit is they will put you in a distinct category.  The reason you are attempting to obtain a remortgage is to continue to improve on the already damaged score you are living every day with.  That is, if you can start paying a lower monthly mortgage payment, you will have more money to pay other bills with.  Since this is the case, understand from the first meeting with a broker the reason for them putting you in a special group.  You want a remortgage, but the lender cannot allow everyone to come in and have a remortgage who wants one.  They will be offering you a deal which will include a higher interest rate than the person who comes in with squeaky clean credit.

For some homeowners seeking a remortgage it will be hard to understand why they are not being offered the same quality of loan as everyone else.  It is quite an expensive process when a homeowner defaults on a loan and ownership of the home returns to the bank which the borrower is making payments to.  For that reason, lenders want to see the process be a successful one if possible.

Ways to clean up a bad credit situation are simple and do not have to be looked at as major financial changes.  First, make sure all bills are paid on time.  This is a big one since all lenders will use this benchmark to make a decision as to whether they think you can maintain payments on a house or not.  Second, try and carry as little debt as possible.  If you are carrying a large amount of small debts, pay them off.  Lenders will see less risk in borrowers who have fewer debtors.  Third, if your credit score is extremely low and has been for some time, don’t even attempt a remortgage at this time.  Spend a few months getting your financial house in order and build points on to your credit score.  Lenders will see you as a proactive type who cares about being responsible, and therefore they will view you as less of a risk.

The smartest thing you can do while attempting to improve your credit score is visit a remortgage broker specialist and work out a remortgage loan plan.  You will be glad you did.