A Guide for Remortgages for Freelancers

A freelancer has unique needs when it comes to obtaining a remortgage and we are here to meet those needs. The process in trying to get a remortgage can be discouraging for a freelancer. This is especially so when you have been responding for weeks to small details that questioned by a lending officer only in the end to find out that you have been denied and are told you can not be reconsidered for a lengthy period. It is likely that you picked the wrong lender without even knowing. The benefit of working with a remortgage broker is that we know which lenders are willing to work with a freelance borrower and we have the experience to assist it to a successful conclusion.

There are specific ways that a freelance remortgage application should be packaged and presented to a lender. We know what they are looking for, what they want to know, and what is necessary for you to get an approval. If indeed the situation does not look like you will be successful in obtaining a remortgage we can tell you that in the beginning and you will not be left hanging for weeks. But we won’t stop there, because we can offer you the information you need to know and what you should do to get approval in the future. Yet, our success rate in obtaining an approval on a remortgage loan for a freelancer is very high and that includes those freelancers who are new in their business.

We are approved by the Financial Services Authority to supply you with educated financial advice as to what your situation entails when seeking a remortgage. You can then be assured that you will get information you need and the expertise you want. Also, we can then work on your behalf to work alongside lenders to find you the best offers and help you secure a remortgage. We are remortgage experts that are trained to read the fine print and make sure you are not harmed financially by unnecessary fees or charges that could affect you both now and later on in the years ahead.

A freelancer need not be worried that a remortgage is unattainable. Don’t avoid the process because you think it is impossible to obtain approval. The situation in obtaining a remortgage for a freelancer is special, but that just means you need the expertise of a remortgage broker that is used to working with many lenders and knows which ones are favorable in working with freelancers, especially new freelancers. You will be successful by making sure you are getting the right advice, the right service, and the broker that understands the unique needs of both the remortgage lender working with the freelancer as well as the needs of the freelance borrower. In doing so the situation is going to be a favorable one and more efficient in the process, and we are the ones for the task at hand.

Freelancers need not worry about obtaining a remortgage. It is true that there are new policies in place to protect the freelancer from unaffordable lending. Yet it is not meant to keep those that can afford to borrow out of the market. It takes the expertise and experience of working with both lenders and freelancers to know how to meet the questions and needs of both, and we are prepared to assist you. Freelancers should be confident in knowing that there is no charge for advice and a quick call can give you the answers you need.