Bath Building Society


Bath Building Society first originated in 1904 where it began as an Investment Society which used members investments to buy property to rent. It then became a Building Society in the 1950s, lending money for people in the city to buy their own homes. Its assets grew from approximately £10m in 1980 to approximately £200m today. Housed for many decades in offices in Charles Street, the Society moved its Head Office to 15 Queen Square in 2006. There were once four Building Societies in Bath, but all, apart from Bath Building Society merged with others and today Bath Building Society remains an independent mutual Society, owned by and run for the benefit of its members. And although it is considered a small Society compared to other financial institutions, it has a solid presence in Bath and maintains involvement in the community.

They offer mortgages savings and investments and since they are smaller they don't have call centres and can offer more flexibility and personal service. Bath Building Society mortgage advisers make sure that mortgages offered are right for their customers, giving a personal, friendly and professional service. Providing mortgage loans with a tailored approach, whilst always being responsive to their members needs sums up the Bath Building Society approach.

Remortgages offered through Bath Building Society

Bath Building Society offers a flexible approach when underwriting mortgages. They specialize in extraordinary applications and many of their clients are self employed and in some circumstances they will lend up to 95% of the property value most of our lending is below 80%. They do not generally offer sub-prime or self certification mortgages. And they do not lend in Scotland or Northern Ireland. If however, Bath Building Society cannot meet your borrowing needs directly, you can go to their subsidiary, Bath and City Financial.

Some of the remortgage options include:

  • Holiday Let: offered to borrowers wishing to purchase a property to be used as a holiday let. The Bath Building Society holiday let mortgage is subject to terms & conditions.
  • Residential Mortgages: including discount mortgages, standard variable rate mortgages and a flexible mortgage but this range is subject to change at any time.
  • Buy to Let: could include discount mortgages and remortgages. This mortgage range is subject to change at any time, and may also be subject to an arrangement fee and early repayment fees.
  • Discount: are set at a discount below Bath Building Society Standard Variable Rate. However, this mortgage range and the rates attached are subject to change at any time. Arrangement fees and early repayment penalties may apply to discount mortgages, particularly during the discount period. Interest on discount mortgages is calculated annually.
  • Buy for Uni: a new and innovative product designed to help students alongside parents purchase property. The mortgage is available to students in Higher Education. Sole applications from students will require a parental guarantee. Buy for Uni mortgages are subject to terms & conditions.
  • Standard Variable Rate: the rate is at the Societys standard variable rate for the whole term of the mortgage. This type of mortgage is portable. Interest is calculated annually. If you are interested in a mortgage quotation including those offered by The Bath Building Society you will be required to complete an enquiry form.