Chorley & District


The Chorley & District Building Society was first established in 1859 and has helped its members buy their homes for over 145 years. It began in Chorley, Lancashire and was the 46th largest building society in the UK in February 2008. It has 3 branches and is considered one of the oldest societies and was originally called the Chorley Permanent Benefit Building Society.

It became incorporated in 1874, and then in 1897 they changed the name to The Chorley Permanent Benefit Society. This name stuck until 1933 when it became the name it still has today, the Chorley and District Building Society. And even though originally it was a very regionally based society, over the last few years it has expanded its services to a national audience.

Now the Chorley has assets of £177 million and 45 staff. The organization prides itself on being a mutual building society, funding all loans and mortgages from the savings of other members. They have trained professional staff, offer products and services that meet the needs of their customers, keep all members informed, comply with all legislation, insist on clear and fair advertising and they endevour to handle all complaints promptly and impartially.

Remortgages offered through Chorley & District Building Society

Re-mortgage: if you are seeking to switch your existing mortgage to another lender Chorley & District have a number of mortgage offers that could help you save money on your monthly repayments:

Fixed rate - these are mortgages set a specific rate for an agreed period. The Chorley has products available that are fixed for 3 and 5 years. After this time the rate reverts to a variable rate.

Discounted rate - these type of mortgages come with a discount rate for an agreed period. You can choose from:

Discounted Variable Rate - the Chorley's standard variable rate less a discount for a set period.

Flexible Discount Mortgage - you are allowed to make overpayments, underpayments and even take payment holidays.

Fixed/Discounted mortgage - this type of mortgage is fixed for financial security at the beginning and then a discount applies for an agreed period.

Flexible mortgages - a scheme which charges interest daily and not annually. It allows underpayments, overpayments and payment holidays (only if agreed with the Chorley & Disctrict) - it is most attractive to those with fluctuating earnings, like the self-employed.

Standard Variable rate - this mortgage changes according to the Bank of England base rate and is set by the society itself. It is regularly low and is in fact so competitive that the Chorley & District have been finalists in the top ten "Best Value Lender" ever since the What Mortgage awards began.

Lifetime mortgages - these types of mortgages allow homeowners who are aged 60 years and older to release the equity (capital) in their homes. You borrow money secured on your home.

If you are interested in a mortgage quotation including those offered by the Chorley & District Building Society please complete their quick enquiry form.